In case you have been worrying of the growing prices of medications and are unable to afford them, then you could probably think of the Canadian route. You need to know who and what you are dealing with when making the choice. I think you do not want to waste money or spend too much. At your disposal is the Big Mountain Drugs which I’ve found out as a good option and it is a Canadian based pharmacy. I wanted to know all about them and so I had conducted a small research. This blog comprises of the answers to the questions which I wanted to get clarified and the answers are based on my research. You can read further to know more so that it will be useful for you.

How established and reputable is Big Mountain Drugs?

What we talk about in this blog is purely about medications and not of any apparel or any electronic equipment. So it is important to note that it matters to know about the trustworthiness of the source. As we explore the best places for various health needs, we need to be certain of the source we are going to deal with. I wouldn’t be satisfied with just any ordinary source, I want it to be the best and recognized one. BMD is one such best and dependable online focused pharmacy and the offers provided here are safe, and the price is also affordable.

How much can one save medication cost with BMD?

Whenever I happen to purchase medications in US, the first thing I am told of is that I can save money at large if I choose the generic forms. This could have been the scenario long time ago but not presently. For your kind information, even generic version are expensive in US. I am looking for real savings that I could save for a rainy day and not just a meager amount. You will be able to save around 50% of what you spend and around 90% at Big Mountain Drugs. The savings sometimes also depend upon the generic or brand type of meds purchased. The quality offered here is also equally good, so there is no need to worry on the quality.

Where do the BMD get the medications from?

If a person require something such as generic Cialis or Viagra, then there will a doubt whether the quality will be good or not. The medications that are sold here are mostly from the countries like Canada, Europe and also from various other first world countries. The standard of the medicines that are sold here are also of supreme quality.

How about the shipping policy and their customer service?

The customer service at BMD is hugely profound and you can obtain customer service in many languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, French, and also in Tagalog. The staffs over there are experienced and are proficient with the languages and can answer your questions with clarity. There are many shipping options available. Payment mechanism is also available in many forms and they accept both credit and personal checks.

Our rating

I noticed one thing with BMD which made me understand their honesty. It makes you feel like you can get here what you are looking for. There are about thousands of happy customers and I am one among those.