Free Clinics

There is a very true saying that as long as one has their health, everything else is possible. However, many individuals appear to nonetheless ignore their health, and choose a lifestyle that puts a lot of stress and pressure on their entire body. Despite many activities such as smoking, drinking, obesity, or lack of sleep being described as the underlying causes of many fatal diseases, many individuals still choose to do them. Ironically, the increased risk associated with these activities leads many individuals to avoid getting routine checkups, physicals or seeking medical assistance when the first symptoms appear. While many individuals try to explain or justify this as being related to the financial cost of medical treatment in the United States, this is a poor reason for not getting the medical help one needs – especially considering that one’s early symptoms may be treated with simple medication, while the later ones may necessitate complicated medical procedures or long and expensive surgeries. In fact, there are many free clinics operating in the United States, which may provide treatment as well as basic examination free of charge.

Free clinics in the United States do appear to have a certain negative connotation associated with them. While it is true that these places provide healthcare to the people with less financial means, it does not immediately mean that they in any way provide substandard care. These places exist with the specific purpose of providing diagnoses and treatment in the early stages, before anyone has no other option but visiting an emergency room at the closest hospital. The free clinics often operating as non-profit designated organizations, may receive assistance from local governments and charitable foundations, and thanks to these donations are able to provide health care to people not able to receive or afford health insurance. Considering that many common health conditions can be easily treated with a prescription for inexpensive antibiotics, these types of institutions serve the common good by making sure such medical conditions are treated before they may pose a significant threat to the affected individual or the rest of the public.

There are many types of free clinics in the United States, and these may offer a wide range of services. There are many free clinics that concentrate on confidential testing for sexually transmitted diseases and providing specific treatment to the positively diagnosed individuals. There are also free clinics that specialize in treatment of multiple addictions, where addicted individuals may go to receive counseling or methadone for the treatment of opiate addiction. Ultimately, anyone who does not have health insurance or cannot afford another form of medical treatment should consider visiting a free clinic in their area, as these places are excellent at providing the most basic level of health care.